Online Buzz: Home Safety Tips for Seniors

For seniors who live alone, staying safe is imperative. Recognizing the importance of keeping aging loved ones safe at home, Right at Home has compiled an extensive Home Safety Checklist for family caregivers to use to ensure their older loved ones avoid home safety hazards. The following are a few of the elder care checklist essentials:

All Rooms

  • No loose carpeting or rugs that do not have a nonslip backing
  • Electrical cords and other wires taped against walls
  • Bright lighting with switches and all light bulbs in working order

Stairs and Inclines

  • Free of items
  • Handrails securely attached and at the proper height for user
  • Proper lighting on all steps, including switches at top and bottom of stairs


  • Grab bars near the tub, shower and toilet located and mounted properly
  • Nonslip surfaces in the tub or shower
  • Nightlight for when first entering the room

To learn more about protecting seniors in the home, visit the Right at Home blog, where you will always find the latest information about family caregiving and home care.

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