Online Buzz: Prepare Now for Severe Weather

Extreme heat, floods, tornadoes … Mother Nature is a mad scientist! When you need home healthcare, you have enough challenges, but what about when a blizzard, hurricane or other natural disaster comes your way? You can be ready for the worst with the best possible preparedness. The key: Knowing what to do before, during and after; and having a plan, an emergency kit and phone numbers for help already programmed in your cellphone. You may not have time or your wits about you in the panic of an emergency, so be prepared by gathering these items in advance:

  • A basic emergency kit, including water (one gallon per person per day for at least three days), food (nonperishables for at least three days), battery-powered or hand-crank radio with extra batteries, flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kit, whistle and flares, matches in a waterproof container, face mask, plastic sheeting and duct tape for a shelter-in-place, moist towelettes and toilet paper, garbage bags and plastic ties, wrench or pliers, scissors and knife, manual can opener, local maps, and a cellphone with a solar charger or inverter.
  • Special essentials, such as medications, copies of prescriptions, contact lens supplies or spare eyeglasses; and important legal documents like a copy of your birth certificate.
  • Protective wear and resources, such as blankets and pillows, and a change of clothing, especially extra shoes, gloves, coats, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt.

Learn more about emergency preparation on the Right at Home blog, where you will always find the latest information about family caregiving and home care.

Next month: Emergency situations can be challenging for anyone. For people with diabetes, emergencies can be downright dangerous. See the September 2013 issue of the Caring Right at Home online newsletter to find tips for storing insulin safely and other special concerns for which to prepare.

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