Online Buzz: Solving Discord in Multigenerational Homes

When parents, grandparents and grandchildren all live under the same roof, there are many rewards. But achieving intergenerational harmony may take a little work!

When three or more generations live in the same home together, tensions are bound to arise at some point. Grandparents over-correct teens. Voices escalate over decorating and the best cookware. Spouses feel torn between caring for parents and putting their immediate family first.

If you're currently navigating the nuances of blending several generations in one home or considering this living arrangement, you are not alone. An estimated 52 million Americans are living in multigenerational homes, and many of these families are floundering in the generation gap.

Friction among older and younger family members sharing a home often brews over issues of money, decision-making control, child care and personal space. Nuclear families can come close to meltdown if underlying stressors are not fully addressed.

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