Online Buzz: Exercise Your Brain After Retirement

What was her name? Where did I put that paperwork? When is my son's birthday?

We've long heard that physical fitness contributes to improved overall health, but scientists are now proving that your brain needs its own fitness program, especially if you are retired or over 65. Neurobiologists use the term "neurobics" to describe the mental exercises that help prevent memory loss and sharpen brain function. Neurobics includes brainteasers, puzzles and other cognitive exercises.

A study published in the Journals of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences outlines findings on cognitive health in the golden years. Concordia University followed 333 recent retirees over four years and determined that seeking out and enjoying mentally challenging activities lessens cognitive decline in later life. Adding variety to brain activities also improves brain health once individuals no longer report to jobs.

Medical scientists also are reporting that instead of brain cells dying as you age, brain cells can be stimulated to grow at any age. Instead of simply following the same daily routines, neurobics specialists advise stretching the routine "muscle memory" with new challenges that stimulate brain chemistry and activate fresh cerebral circuits.

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