Online Buzz: The Overall Benefits of Dance

It's no secret that staying active as we age can help keep us feeling younger and healthier over time. But what are the best activities for aging bodies? According to a new study, dancing is on the top of the list.

Dancing couple

The study was performed by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City over a 21-year time span. They found that when compared to other regular exercise activities, frequent dancing had the biggest cognitive and physical benefits—including a whopping 76 percent reduction of the risk of developing dementia.

Said Joe Verghese, assistant neurology professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, "Dance, in many ways, is a complex activity. It's not just purely physical."

The complexities of dance, according to Verghese, include increased blood flow to the brain from the physicality of the activity; less stress, depression and loneliness from the social component of dancing; and mental challenges that come along with memorizing dance steps with a partner.

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