Online Buzz: Dreams and Grieving Go Hand in Hand

Our dream world can tell us a lot about our inner feelings.


We dream for various reasons, but after the loss of a loved one, grief can affect sleep patterns and trigger an ebb and flow of disturbing and comforting dreams about the lost loved one. Bereavement in one's waking life is often helped by resolving loss through one's dream life.

If the grieving person experienced a loved one in intense pain before death, or if the individual died traumatically, troubling dreams may surface in the mourning process. In the earlier stages of grief, some individuals report dreams of corpses, funerals and graves. Others' dreams portray nonliving and living objects damaged or broken, such as vehicle breakdowns or plants withering.

Feeling trapped and unable to move or escape is common with bereavement dreams, as are images of fog, mist, snow and ice. Some psychologists and dream experts describe the bad-weather dreams as representing fear or unshed tears. Over time, grief dreams often transition to expressing change via images of travel, gates and doors. As external mourning fades, a bereaved person's dreams may depict a fresh start with images of flower blossoms and pristine streams.

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