Veterans Helping Veterans

The best of the Right at Home blog: Meet two veterans who continue to serve by helping other veterans. 

James Davis in uniform with his parents

James Davis (seen above with his parents) is the seventh generation of his family to serve in the military. James is passionate about veterans' issues, and donates much of his time to organizations that serve veterans. Says James, "It's important to know that most vets want to hear each other's stories. When someone takes time to understand you and why you did something, they really get to know you as an individual." James is also owner of Right at Home Albany, New York.

Larry Anthony, owner of Right at Home Los Angeles–Westside, served on the front line during the Vietnam War. Larry knows that being a soldier can be a thankless job. He stresses that since the majority of soldiers who returned from Vietnam were underappreciated, there is a real power in having people thank them today for their service, and to that end, he gives of his time supporting the well-being of veterans.

While both Larry and James are veterans of the military, their time in the service could not be more different—Larry was on the front line while James worked as a medic behind the scenes. But that doesn't stop them from feeling connected to each other, sharing a mutual life-altering experience.

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