Arthritis and Tai Chi

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Seniors doing tai chi

While medications can provide temporary relief for joint pain, staying active is crucial to managing arthritis on a regular basis. Ask your doctor for an appropriate exercise plan, which might include a low-impact workout such as tai chi. This body-awareness exercise has been found to be safe for people with arthritis, and it also can improve cardiovascular fitness and respiratory function. Persistent practice of tai chi also strengthens the body, improves hand-eye coordination and enables learners to prevent falls.

Right at Home owner Grace Nguyen, of Boca Raton, Fla., is a tai chi instructor. Says Nguyen, "Tai chi is a unique form of a gentle-wellness exercise. It gives you a nice workout, but relaxes you at the same time. Learners can practice at their own comfort level. Over time, they can feel their muscles working and experience an increase in strength."

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