Celebrities Who Have Glaucoma

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The flash from paparazzi cameras may look hazy to performers with this sight-robbing condition.

January Is Glaucoma Awareness Month, a great time to learn more about this condition, which is one of the leading causes of vision loss among older adults.

Glaucoma is actually an umbrella term for a group of eye conditions that can lead to a buildup of pressure behind the eye. The pressure can then damage the optic nerve, resulting in loss of vision and even blindness.

Learning more about glaucoma symptoms is essential, given the fact that there is not yet a known cure for the disease, although worsening of symptoms may be avoided with early intervention. While there are greater risks of developing glaucoma for people over the age of 60, it can affect everyone — including celebrities.

Learn about four famous entertainers who are living with glaucoma in the Right at Home blog, where you will always find the latest information about senior wellness and home care.

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