10 Frequently Asked Questions for Registered Dietitians

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Right at Home owner Amy Mack

Amy Mack, co-owner of the Right at Home office in Hudson Valley, New York, is uniquely qualified to see that senior clients eat well. Says Amy, who has been a registered dietitian for 20 years, "Family caregivers can do some simple things to improve the nutrition of their senior loved ones. Sometimes it is as simple as cutting up fruit and putting it on a plate for the senior, or making sure there's high-quality protein at each meal."

Adds Amy, who is also a dietitian for a local medical center, "Maintaining a senior's hydration is essential along with providing fresh foods."

Amy recently sat down to answer some of the most common questions family have about senior nutrition, such as "What are good sources of protein?" "How important is vitamin D?" and "Are some fats healthier than others?"

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