"We Are Downsizing, but What About Our Stuff?"

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Senior woman with fancy picture frame

"Aunt Peggy's heirloom picture frame from Ireland! Who wants to inherit it? Anyone … anyone?"

Many baby boomers want to stay in their own homes — but not the homes where they raised their children. Many are opting to relocate to a smaller place, with less cost and maintenance.

But what about their lifetime of possessions? "We don't like to say 'downsizing,'" says Kimberly McMahon, a personal moving concierge from Fulton, Maryland. "We prefer to call it 'right-sizing' because you are finally shedding all the physical and emotional baggage that was weighing you down. The No. 1 complaint we hear from clients is that they wish they did it sooner."

McMahon warns that the kids may surprise their folks by declining to inherit all those heirlooms. She says, "The younger generations are already established and don't want more stuff — they grew up around it. My biggest piece of advice to clients is to use their 'good stuff' now because their kids most likely will not want it."

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