Finding Life's Purpose After the End of Spousal Caregiving

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Right at Home caregiver George Mattera with Right at Home owner Jerry Lawson.

Right at Home caregiver George Mattera with Right at Home owner Jerry Lawson

George Mattera was used to being in a hospital environment. For his entire adult life, he had worked as a CT scan technician. But when his wife was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, everything changed. He took time off work at the end, providing her with the care she needed to be comfortable at home. After his wife passed away in 2008, George found it difficult to return to work. He wanted to find something more meaningful to do with his life.

After receiving training, George became a caregiver for Right at Home of Lansdale, Penn., and in his short time as a caregiver, he has made a significant impact on his clients, many of whom are living with memory loss. He shares his experience with the GEMS® approach to caring for clients with Alzheimer's disease: "When it comes to caring for people with Alzheimer's or dementia, I have a few rules that I follow: One, never get into an argument with them. Instead, find ways to redirect them or change the subject. Two, find their triggers and make a conscious effort never to push their buttons. And, three, if you can laugh with them, it can be a really good thing. Laughter really is the best medicine!"

George says, "After a while, you become part of the family. It's really very humbling to be invited into someone else's home and life. It’s a huge honor for me."

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