Vaccines for Seniors Covered by Medicare

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One of the greatest scientific innovations for the human race is the invention of vaccinations. Vaccines have essentially eradicated deadly diseases such as smallpox and polio, each of which had devastating effects worldwide at one time.

The importance of vaccines, especially for seniors, cannot be overstated. Vaccines help those with weakened immune systems and chronic health conditions protect themselves against infections and diseases. Many people think vaccines are only for children, but they can be life-saving for seniors and people of every age.

While vaccines are necessary, they also can come at a big expense. Luckily, Medicare Part B covers the flu, pneumococcal and hepatitis B vaccines. Medicare Part B will also cover a tetanus shot after an injury; however, it does not cover the TDaP or shingles vaccines.

Medicare Part D plans, on the other hand, provide more extensive coverage for vaccines. Depending on the type of Medicare Part D plan you have, you still may incur some out-of-pocket expenses for the vaccines you need. Be sure to review your plan beforehand to make sure you won't have any surprise expenses after you get inoculated.

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