Caregiver Took WWII Veteran on a Trip Down Memory Lane

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John Biggerstaff

Right at Home client Jim Biggerstaff said, "It was quite an adventure!"

Denise Coble, a caregiver with Right at Home in Belmont, North Carolina, has been taking care of seniors for 30 years, as well as doing volunteer work with veterans for 20 years.

"I can't deny that my calling is taking care of older people," says Coble. "I was raised by my grandmother, and I really relate to older people because of it. I love working with them, and I try to help them preserve their dignity as they age, because they deserve it, especially the veterans."

Recently Coble and a client, 90-year-old Jim Biggerstaff, took a road trip to remember, visiting his wife's grave, some of his childhood haunts, local landmarks and even a fudge stand.

Said Coble, "If it wasn't for Jim's service to this country, we might not be sitting here today. He deserves the best care possible now. It's not easy to get older, but it's my job to help preserve his dignity and help him feel as independent as possible."

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