Fighting Parkinson's With Boxing

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Bruce Gropper and participants

While many might think that boxing would have a negative impact on the progression of Parkinson's disease, research suggests otherwise when it comes to an innovative exercise program.

Right at Home Palm Beach owner Bruce Gropper (above center in "Fighting Back" T-shirt) is active in the Rock Steady Boxing program, developed for people who are living with Parkinson's disease, a neurodegenerative disorder that affects movements throughout the body, and causes a deterioration of speech, motor skills, sensory function and balance. Rock Steady training does not include contact with anything other than a heavy bag or focus mitts.

"Parkinson's affects balance, memory and coordination — all things that boxing helps improve," Bruce explains. "Boxing also helps with agility, strength and coordination. It's really amazing. I've seen incredible results in people at various stages of the disease, from early on in the disease's progression to people in wheelchairs. Everyone has positive feedback about the effects of the program."

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