Infographic: Make Oral Health a Top Priority

As we grow older, keeping our teeth and gums healthy can be a challenge. Many age-related health conditions, certain medications, and years of wear and tear can make it harder to follow good oral health practices. But it's worth it to make the effort! Check out this month's infographic to learn more.

Oral health infographic

If seniors are unable to properly clean their teeth and mouth, it's important that they receive assistance. Professional in-home caregivers can help clients brush and floss their teeth and care for dentures. Caregivers also can provide transportation to dental appointments, and prepare nutritious meals that clients with tooth and gum issues can safely and comfortably eat.

Right at Home, Inc. is a national organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for those we serve. We fulfill that mission through a dedicated network of locally owned providers of in home care services.