10 Questions to Ask Before Your Hospital Discharge


You can't wait to get home after your surgery — but will you be able to continue a successful recovery once you're there? Here’s what to know.

10 Common Causes for Hospital Readmissions

Mom's going home from the hospital. How can her care team and family make sure she doesn't need to go back?

A New Definition of "Healthy Aging"

Not so long ago, the term "healthy aging" was used for those lucky elders who escaped illness and disability. But today, experts are thinking in a different way.

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Rooms

Doesn't it seem like you always get sick or suffer an injury at a time when your doctor’s office isn’t open? Today, there are options.

Seven Things You Shouldn't Hide From Your Doctor

Did you know that fewer than 20 percent of patients are entirely truthful with their healthcare provider? What things do they fib about … and why shouldn't they?

Helping Senior Loved Ones Manage Multiple Health Conditions

Remembering to take medications, go to health appointments and follow the doctor's orders can be challenging when a person has one health condition — and, say experts, 80 percent of today's seniors are dealing with many.

Q & A: October 15 – December 7 Is Medicare Open Enrollment

If you or a loved one is on Medicare, you might be tempted to just continue on with last year's plan. This could be a costly mistake!

Vaccines for Seniors Covered by Medicare

Some people think immunizations are only for kids. But seniors, too, are at higher risk of complications from a number of preventable diseases—and Medicare may pick up some or most of the tab.

Common Misconceptions About CNAs and LPNs

A Right at Home owner says many people underestimate the vital role certified nursing assistants and licensed practical nurses play in keeping seniors healthy and safe.

Seniors Bullying Seniors

"Mean girl" groups, aggressive behavior to others, gossip and shunning — these behaviors aren't confined to middle school kids, reports a Right at Home owner.

A Senior-Savvy Police Force

Gerontologists urge law enforcement agencies to improve encounters with older adults.

Coming Home After Joint Replacement Surgery

Recovery in a patient's own home after a hip or knee replacement offers many advantages.

For Seniors, Delirium Is a Hospital Hazard

Families should learn the symptoms of this condition so they can alert medical personnel if needed.

How to Create an Emergency Health Information Checklist

If a health emergency strikes, you need up-to-date information about your health conditions, healthcare providers and more—at your fingertips.

Is This Senior Patient Ready to Go Home?

Older patients may overstate their ability to take care of themselves after hospital discharge, say experts.

Planning Ahead for Oral Health

Advances in dental care allow seniors to keep their teeth longer, but the cost should be considered during retirement planning.

Experts Predict a Growing Population of "Elder Orphans"

As the baby boomers age, up to one-fourth of them will be without family members who can provide care for them.

Talk to Your Doctor About Home Blood Pressure Monitors, Drugstore Kiosks

Used improperly, these devices can produce misleading numbers.

Hospital Observation Care Can Be Costly for Medicare Patients

Some seniors think Medicare made a mistake. Others are stunned when they find out that being in a hospital for days doesn't always mean they were actually admitted. Instead, they received observation care, considered by Medicare to be an outpatient service. The observation designation means they can have higher out-of-pocket expenses and fewer Medicare benefits.

Online Buzz: Benefits of Acupuncture

When some people hear the word "acupuncture," they immediately cringe in fear, while others applaud the alternative or supplemental medical treatment. Considered a part of traditional Chinese medicine practiced in Asian countries for nearly 2,000 years, acupuncture involves inserting extremely thin, solid metallic needles into key acupuncture points in the body. Acupuncture practitioners believe this helps correct imbalances in chi (CHEE), or natural energy flow in a person’s body, helping every part of the body work in harmony.